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Channelling Creativity for Your Success

Step into The Crayon Room, a haven where your dreams and ideas bloom into vibrant realities. Founded in 2005, our journey began as a handful of devoted artists and thinkers. Today, we celebrate our shared passion for morphing intangible ideas into tangible masterpieces. Our legacy of amplifying businesses and carving out enduring brands stands as a testament to our dedication, making us a cherished ally to our varied clientele.

Comprehensive Services

A full colour palette

Within the cozy corners of The Crayon Room, we’ve nurtured a holistic ecosystem of services. Every stage of your marketing and advertising voyage is attentively addressed here. Our integrative methodology doesn’t just simplify tasks—it ensures your brand’s essence flows consistently, pure and undistorted, across all mediums and platforms.

The Magic of Our Crayons

digital marketing agency providing graphic design and animation
digital marketing agency providing website design
digital marketing agency providing strategy

Creative Crayons: Where artistry dances with innovation. Our creatives mold brand stories with a splash of visual splendor, from logos to lively animations.

Digital Crayons: Charting the digital cosmos with flair. Responsive websites, stellar SEO, and captivating content—our digital maestros craft the roadmap to online stardom.

Planning Crayons: Crafting strategies with a touch of genius. They sketch the master plan, from impactful marketing blueprints to intuitive user interfaces.

Meet our Crayons


Our traffic controller, planner and first responder to all enquiries. Jineane also assists with management and creation of campaigns as well as doing your copywriting!


Michele is the genius behind our videogaphy and editting. As well as adding her creative mind to your social media campaigns and imagery. Where Mich goes, action flows ~ 


The master mind behind our phenominal websites, including designs and campaigns. Quick with a pun, Henry creates a symphony of assets to create that sweet, smooth user experience.

Jane West

Here at the Crayon Room, Jane always has a plan. When it comes to marketing strategy and implementation we are carried in the safe hands of Jane, the sharpest in the West.


Our SEO puzzle expert! Pieter is the wizard weaving the magic that connects your designs, social campaigns  and strategies and website together – we love it when this magic comes together.


Our inhouse artist is happiest when she is drawing: caricatures, illustration, icons – you dream it, and she will create it! Her life long experience in the arts ensures that your brand will come alive visually across all platforms.


Join our vibrant community, and let’s weave a tale that echoes, captivates, and leaves an everlasting imprint. Here at The Crayon Room, we don’t just provide services—we sculpt immersive experiences. Come, let’s set sail on this kaleidoscopic journey together!

Case Studies

The Crayon Room Case Studies: Dive into our curated collection of success stories, showcasing our artistic journey from concept to masterpiece.

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